Sacred Architecture

Buildings that are set aside for worship should lift our minds and hearts of to the things of Heaven. The history of the Church is full of such buildings; we believe our future should be as well.  Our design firm specializes in assisting churches and religious organizations as they envision new or renewed buildings in which the sacred mysteries will be celebrated, and the Lord would draw near to his people.

Our design approach emphasizes the importance of historical precedent and traditional design strategies.  We hold tradition in the highest regard – establishing continuity with the longstanding heritage of Catholic sacred Architecture.  Our goal is to create noble buildings within which the Church would offer worship to the Lord – connecting us to the story of salvation history, and open to the movement of the Holy Spirit in each time and place.

Our sacred buildings have two essential and complementary responsibilities.  Their outward, evangelical purpose is to be a sign and symbol of Christ’s dwelling place in the world.  Their inward, formational task which is to build up the community of the faithful through worship and the sacraments.  If we are to accomplish these tasks in the design of new or renovated sacred structures, to fulfill these responsibilities, we need to take seriously the meaning and symbolic function of our sacred buildings, inside and out, and at great and small scales.

Master Planning

For many of our clients, we are asked to develop a long-term plan for capital improvements. The result of the master planning process is a comprehensive and unified vision for the future built environment.

Working with leadership teams and focused sub-committees, we lead the community through a needs analysis and site assessment to determine the most pressing concerns and highest priorities. These may include a diverse array of campus functions: worthy and beautiful worship spaces, welcoming entrances to the site, spaces for devotional prayer, new chapels, additional classroom spaces, larger parking areas, administrative offices, kitchens and social hall spaces, etc.

As part of the process, our team of professionals develops conceptual designs and preliminary budgets with support information to identify potential phasing and best strategies for implementation. Our design staff meets with local government planning staff to determine the opportunities and limitations for current and future property development.  By the end of the process, the community has a solid understanding of the necessary steps to accomplish their vision - by taking the right first step.

Interior Design

Comprehensive and integrated design solutions require attention to details great and small. That is why we provide a complete set of design services, including interior design. Every interior space requires tasteful and appropriate finishing touches. Whether recent construction or a long-standing historic building, our design staff can bring years of experience to achieve the aesthetic goals of our clients.

Carefully coordinated paint colors, decorative ornament, woodwork, porcelain and stone tile, and well-chosen lighting fixtures all come together for beautiful results. We can design furniture in-house or point our clients to reputable vendors. We have designed custom pews, sanctuary seating, trimwork, cabinetry, stonework, decorative stenciling, hearths and mantlepieces, private chapel interiors, floor mosaics, custom kitchens, and other interior scope.

Liturgical Elements

The tradition of Christian worship is filled with poetic sign and symbol, which draw us deeper into the meaning of the mysteries that we celebrate. This rich tradition requires special consideration as we design new liturgical elements that will support the task of unfolding symbolic meaning for us and for generations to come.

In the design of altars, ambos, baptistries, and related items we strive to provide the craft and artistic sensibility that is necessary to build suitable furnishings for worship. We develop each custom design and connect our clients to a network of artists who are competent in iconography, sculpture, metalwork, stained glass, and fine stonework - to provide a renewed liturgical space with pieces that fit together as a unified whole.