John Paul Barrandey

JohnPaul Barrandey

Joining IDG in 2017, JohnPaul has focused his career in the design of church and faith based facilities. As a Project Manager, JohnPaul is integrally involved in the project from the initial phase of planning and design, through construction documents and construction administration.

Before joining IDG in 2017, JohnPaul worked with GFF in Dallas, TX where he found his calling to practice religious architecture. Projects ranging from small 500 seat wood framed churches to extensive 2,000 seat worship venues. Mr. Barrandey holds an AAS in Industrial Design Technology and a Master in Architecture from Texas Tech University. He has been a software and design communication instructor at Texas Tech University and has a pending publication to the US Library of Congress Special Collections Division for his historic preservation work with the Ellis Pecan Factory in Fort Worth, TX.